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I am a dancer, choreographer, educator, and movement researcher. I have a diverse training background and professional experiences in ballet, modern dance, Chinese classical technique, and Chinese ethnic folk dance. My work merges these forms to create my unique aesthetic that identifies who I am as a dance artist. 

Dance can connect people and let deep voices be shared. Dance stimulates my life, and I find inspiration in my life to make dance. As a choreographer, I am encouraged by what I see in society that reflects the real world in which we live and the challenges we face. I create work to communicate with dancers and audiences, using my voice to let others be heard. The communication shares the true stories that speak to who we are and remind us of the equality we are inherently granted in society. 

As a collaborator, I work with cross-disciplinary designers investing in technology to create innovative visual experiences. I push myself to take risks to create that which has not been created. I research and work with dancers to discover our bodies' limitations and to find new connections between the mind, body, and spirit.

Modern dance vocabulary is the principle lexis of my work to build a relationship between my movement, culture, and stories. The relationship is multifaceted, connecting dancers and audiences in a way that the movement truly speaks to them, and in turn, they can speak to each other. When we share space together, we resonate together.