University of Maryland 
M.F.A. 2015-2018
Master of Fine Art in Dance Performance and Choreography for the
Teaching Artist

Salisbury University
M.Ed. 2012-2014
Master of Education in Leadership

Shanxi Academy of Arts
B.F.A. 2005-2010
Dance Performance and Choreography 

Shanxi Drama Vocational College

Secondary Degree 2002-2005
Dance Performance in Ballet and Chinese Dance 


Gold Award Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition World Final 2017
Gold Award Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition Washington DC Region 2016

First Place,Zhang Jigang Encouragement Scholarship 2010
First Place, Shanxi Academy of Arts Scholarship 2010 
First Place, 57th CDA Performance of the Latest Research and Pedagogical Results 2010
First Place,
 Zhang Jigang Encouragement Scholarship 2009
First Place, China National Scholarship 2008
Third Place, Shanxi Academy of Arts Scholarship 2007
Third Place, Shanxi Academy of Arts Scholarship 2006
First Place, Shanxi Academy of Arts Scholarship 2005

Work Experience 

University of Maryland 


Teaching Assistant


​Danc128 Fundamentals of Ballet,  Danc138c Chinese Dance, Danc148 Fundamentals of Modern Dance.

Teaching Assistant: Dance History 

​Production Office: Theater and Dance Performance Study Department 

Kuai Mei Gou Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Xing Dance Theater 


Director, Choreographer, Dancer  

Shanxi Academy of Arts 
Dance Instructor (Tenured Position)

Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble


Dancer, Writer, Host

Published Articles: 

“Forbidden Fruit, Conquer the American Audience” YiJing magazine, Taiyuan, China 2010
“The Road to Revival” Sanjin City Paper, Taiyuan, China 2009
“The Sacred Bear, Hone the Happiness” YiJing magazine, Taiyuan, China 2009​​

Allen Xing is a dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist based in Washington DC and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He began professional dance training in ballet and Chinese classical dance at age thirteen, holds a BFA in dance from Shanxi Academy of Arts, a M.Ed. from Salisbury University, and a MFA in Dance from  University of Maryland. He is a former member of Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble from 2007-2011. He performed as a dancer in production Forbidden Fruit Under the Great Wall over 300 times and toured over 100 cities including the China Greater National Theatre, Shanghai Greater Theatre and the Kennedy Center Washington D.C. From 2010 to 2015, he worked as a dance instructor in a tenured position at the Shanxi Academy of Arts. 

Xing has received multiple scholarships and accolades including: the China National Scholarship (2010), Zhang Jigang Scholarship (2009 and 2010), Shanxi Academy of Arts Scholarship (2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008), First Place China Dance Association Performance of the Latest Research and Pedagogical Results (2010), Gold Award Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition Washington DC Region (2016), and Gold Award Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition World Final Los Angeles (2017).

Xing recently performed in many company projects including: Un Castell built for two by Orange Grove Dance, Rapture by PEARSONWIDRIG DANCETHEATER, and Casita at Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival by PrioreDance. His work has been invited and selected to perform at the NextNow Festival, Maryland Campaign, Peabody Spring Dance Showcase, Global Perspectives Festival, Beijing International Dance Festival, Maryland Dance Festival and Japan SAI Dance Festival. 

He currently is the artistic director of Xing Dance Theater, and principal of Kuai Mei Gou Network Technology Company.

Photo: Tina Leu

​​​Key Performances:

Shape in Water

May 18-19

SAI Dance Festival 

Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Earth. Water. Fire. Bodies

October 27-28 2018

Global Perspectives Festival

Dance Place in Washington, DC USA

Drowning to Death act 2: Shape in Water
July 2018

Beijing Dance Festival 

Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing, China

Casita ​by PrioreDance

July 2018
​Jacobs Pillow​ Dance Festival in Massachusetts, USA

May 24 2018
Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC USA


May 2018
(Equinoxes and Solstices)
The Clarice Performing Art Center Dekelboum Concert Hall

Drowning to Death act 2: Shape in Water

April 2018
The Clarice Performing Art Center Dance Theatre


2018 March
Guest performer 
2018 Peabody Spring Dance Showcase 

Equinoxes and Solstices​

2018 March
Directing and performing a 40 minuet Dance Production 
UMD MFA Dance Thesis Concert 
The Clarice Performing Art Center Dance Theatre

Another Side of You
Length 30 min
Choreographer and Dancer
The Clarice Performing Art Center Second Season 

Emotion. Memory. Desire.
Choreographer and Dancer

​UMD Shared Grad Concert 

Dancing in the Closet 
Choreographer and Dancer 
UMD On the Move at the Kennedy Center 

Invoking Justice by Curtis Stedge

Length 50 min
UMD Spring MFA Dance Thesis Concert 

Un Castell built for two by Orange Grove Dance 
Length 60 min

Another Side of You (Part 1)


Choreographer and Dancer
UMD Shared Grad Dance Concert 

Choreographer and Dancer
NextNow Dance Festival 

Rapture by Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig
Length 50 min
UMD Faculty Dance Concert 

Noam Chiem by Sinclair Ogaga Imogene
Length 50 min
UMD Fall MFA Dance Thesis Concert 

Forbidden Fruit Under the Great Wall by Jigang Zhang


Length 120 min
Performed over 300 times (Including at China Greater National Theatre, Shanghai Greater Theatre, the Kennedy Center, Shanxi Greater Theatre, Hong Kong Tunmen Theatre, Hangzhou Greater Theatre, Daqing Greater Theatre, Chongqing Greater Theatre, Ningxia Greater Theatre, Ningbo Greater Theatre). Tragic love story that tells the tale of 20th century class differences in China set in the format of a traditional dance drama.

Dancing Miracle 


Length 90 min
Showcase of Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese Folk Dance.

Youyu Tourism and Culture Festival 
Performed in the opening ceremonies.

Shanghai World Expo 
Performed in events in celebration of the expo. 

Road to Revival


Length 180 min
Performed in Beijing including for the President of China in the Great Hall of the People. 
A grand music and dance theatre production with a cast of 3,200.

Ningxia International Expo 
​Performed in the Cultural and Artistic Tourism Show.

CCTV New Year’s Gala (Also known as the Spring Festival Gala)


Length 270 min
The CCTV Gala has the largest audience for any entertainment show in the world.

Shanxi Television New Year's Gala

2006, 2007, 2010

Taiyuan City, Shanxi 



Length 120 min
Performed in Ningbo City. 

Beijing Olympic Games


Performed in events in celebration of the games. ​

Ancient City Cultural Performance 
Performed in Pingyao City.