Another Side of You
Length 30 min
Choreographer: Allen Chunhui Xing
Dancer: Allen Chunhui Xing, Rose Xinran Qi, Terra Bergamy, Laurie Dodge, Suzanne Creedon, Billy Griffis, Gabriella DiGiuseppe, Reyna Fox, Erin Lenahan
Lighting Design: Dylan Uremovich
Photo: Jonathan Hsu

​Another Side of You is the continued research project from Accepting the Real and Dancing in the Closet and developed into a 30-minutes production presented in April 2017 as a second season production of the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. It is based on a true story of close friend; a woman who is one of the 16 million married to a gay husband in China. The choreography of dance movement aspects include ballet, jazz, modern, and dance drama performance. I collaborated with Dylan Uremovich, a MFA lighting design candidate at UMD.